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Meeting Information

Eastside RWA meets once a month at the Factoria Meeting Room in the Factoria Mall.  Need more information and directions?  Click here.

Year 2001 schedule

Year 2002 schedule

The Skinny on Eastside RWA Meetings

  • Listen to good advice.  Bring a pen and paper, you might want to take notes!  Every month (except for critiquing sessions), we have a great speaker who shares her/his expertise!  To see a close-up on this month's speaker, click here!

  • Not a member?  So, you just browsed in to our website and have found that your very favorite author will be speaking at our next meeting?  Although you aren't a member, you can still come!  Individuals are allowed two "free" meetings a year.  After that, we ask that you become a member.  Want to know more about joining ERWA?  Click here!

Upcoming speakers and topics:

Year 2001 Schedule

July and August -- No meeting, chapter summer break!

September 11 -- 7:00 pm -- Sheila Rabe and Pam Binder, subject TBD.  Booksigning at 6pm at B. Dalton in the Factoria Mall.

October 9 -- 7:00 pm -- Cherry Adair speaking on Making the leap from Category to Single Title.  Booksigning at 6:00 pm at B. Dalton in the Factoria Mall.

November 13 -- 7:00 pm -- Critique Session (tentative).  

December 11 -- 7:00 pm -- Marcella Burnard leading a workshop on "Getting Into Character".

Year 2002 Schedule (subject to change)

January 8 -- 7pm -- Beverly Brandt, first time new author of TRUE NORTH (St. Martin's Press).  Subject TBD.

February 12 -- 7pm -- Author Roundtable on Promotion and the business of getting and being published.  Booksigning, tentative.

March 12 -- 7pm -- Deborah Schneider speaking on Self Promotion Via Your Public Library.

April 9 -- 7pm -- Speaker and topic TBD.

May 14 -- 7pm -- Speaker and topic TBD.

June 11 -- 7pm -- Speaker and topic TBD.