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Here is where we celebrate our members and their achievements, from finishing a manuscript, to having a partial requested, to getting the elusive "call"...

Two Book Contract!  Adrianne Lee has signed another two book contract with Harlequin Intrigue.  Good Luck, Adrianne!  (6/14/01)

Climbing The Charts In The UK!  Jane Porter's second book, CHRISTOS'S PROMISE, is out in the UK and is rapidly climbing the charts!  For the week ending June 2nd, it was #81 on UK"s BookTrack Hot 100 Index, and #3 in The Bookseller's Top 15 heat seekers list.  The book will be available in the US in October.  Congratulations, Jane!  (6/14/01)

First Hardcover!  Nadine Miller recently received a surprise package from her editor at Signet containing four hardcover, large print copies of her book TOUCH OF MAGIC published by F.A. Thorpe Publishing House in England.  Now that's a nice surprise!  (6/14/01)

Bestseller!  THE TROUBLE WITH MOTHER & BEST OF BUDDIES, by Darcy Carson, were Hardshell Wordfactory's #1 bestsellers for the month of March.  Congratulations, Darcy!  (6/14/01)

Another Bestseller!  Melinda Rucker Haynes' THE ETERNAL TRUST made the publisher's bestseller list, both in e-book and in paperback!  This may be a first for her, but we know it won't be the last.  Way to go, Melinda!  (6/14/01)

Resold!  Melinda Rucker Haynes' A WING AND A KISS has been resold and will now be published in multiple formats by Hard Shell Word Factory.  Congratulations Melinda!  (5/9/01)

Interview!  Melinda Rucker Haynes was interviewed by Writer's Digest for their Writer's Yearbook special edition "Writing for the Mind and Soul: Find Your Inspiration in Writing" on newsstands May 9th.  Her interview is in the In Their Words section where "seven successful writers share the joys and challenges of working in today's inspirational writing world.  Check it out!  (5/9/01)

A Success!  Seven members took a Book In A Week challenge the week of April 22nd.  All did great and two even finished their books!  (5/9/01)

Almost There!  Harlequin requested a full from Debbie Schneider last month.  Good luck Debbie! (5/9/01)

Great Article!  Check out the article on our own Jane Porter, author of THE ITALIAN GROOM, in the Eastside Journal(4/18/01)

Agent Interest!  Jean Cozby attended the Dreaming in Dallas conference in April where an agent expressed interest in her book and requested her synopsis and first three chapters.  Way to go Jean!  (4/18/01)

Multiple Honors!  As of April 10th, Stella Cameron's 7B, the third in the Mayfair Square series, has spent two weeks on the NYT extended list, three weeks on Waldenbooks Mass top ten list, and has shown at 41, 52, 66, and 80 on the USA Today Bestseller List.  Definitely a reason to celebrate!  (4/18/01)

Top Pick!  Adrianne Lee's new Intrigue, UNDERCOVER BABY, was the Top Pick at on April 9th.  It may be the first time you were the top pick, Adrianne, but it's definitely not the last!  (4/18/01)

EPPIE Award!  THE ETERNAL TRUST, by Melinda Rucker Haynes, won Best Fantasy/Paranormal Romance in the EPPIE 2001 Awards and is now available in paperback from Hardshell.  Congratulations Melinda! (4/18/01)

Interest!  Marcella Burnard was asked for her synopsis and first three chapters by an editor from Berkley at the conference in Victoria, B.C. in March.  Congratulations! (4/18/01)

Launch Book!  Darcy Carson's THE TROUBLE WITH MOTHER is the launch book for Hardshell's Double Delights comtemporary POD romances.  Way to go Darcy! (4/18/01)

RITA Finalist!  Janice Johnson's Superromance, THE DAUGHTER MERGER, is a RITA finalist for Best Long Contemporary.  Congratulations and good luck Janice! (4/18/01)