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RWA Links:

RWA National -- Articles, bylaws, links to other chapters, contests, and much more await you here!  Joining National is the first step in joining the local chapter.  And if you're already a member, there's whole section for members only that will give you more information than you ever thought you'd need. A great resource for members and nonmembers alike!  Click here to read about the benefits of National Membership.

Greater Seattle Chapter

Olympia Chapter

Peninsula Chapter

Tacoma Chapter

Agents and Editors:

Agent Research -- For a small fee, receive information on a specific agent.

Association of Authors' Representatives, Inc

Literary Agents 

Passionate Pen Agent Info -- From our own president, Jesse Petersen's site!  Great information on agents who represent romance.

Preditors and Editors -- A good place to check out agents and publishers to see if they're on the up and up.  A caveat...this is one guy's opinion of the publishers.

Bestseller Lists:

Amazon Bestseller Lists

NY Times Bestsellers Lists

Publisher's Weekly Bestsellers List

USA TODAY's Bestsellers List 1-50

USA TODAY's Bestsellers List 51-100

USA TODAY's Bestsellers List 101-150

Waldenbooks Bestsellers List

Bookstore Links: -- Click through our links to Amazon and purchase your books and Eastside RWA makes a profit.  It's a great way to help out the chapter.  Amazon is great because they have reviews, a synopsis for most books, recommends if you've shopped there before, and if you're an author, you can tell your readers more about yourself and your novels.


July 18-21, 2001 --  RWA National Conference:  "Book, Blues & Bourbon Street" (New Orleans, Louisiana).

July 26-29, 2001 --  Pacific Northwest Writers Conference:  "Writing From The Inside" (Tacoma, WA).

October 12-14, 2001 --  Emerald City Romance Writers Conference:  "The Elements of Romance" (Bellevue, WA).  Presented by the Greater Seattle RWA Chapter.

October 20-21, 2001 -- Northwest Bookfest (Seattle, WA).

November 14-19, 2001 -- Eighteenth Annual Romantic Times Booklovers Convention (Kissimmee, FL).

Member websites:

Nina Beaumont (Nina Gettler)

Elizabeth Boyle Website

Stella Cameron Website

Darcy Carson Website

Melinda Rucker Haynes Website

Janice Kay Johnson Website

Adrianne Lee Website

Jesse Petersen Website

Jane Porter Website


Miscellaneous Links:

All About Romance -- Reviews, historical information, and lots more!'s Romance Fiction -- Great information, chats, advice, you name it!  Terrific resource for the reader and writer.

The Literary Times 



King County Library -- Tons of research engines and even a service to "Ask A Librarian - Live."


Trade magazine links:

Romantic Times Magazine -- Ratings for the latest romance novels, as well as articles on writing and the industry.

The Romance Reader -- An online magazine that includes reviews of recent romance novels and stories about the romance industry.

Workshops offered by our members:

Stella Cameron Writing Workshop -- On the third Thursday of every month at 6:00 PST.  Be sure to register, it's free!

Writing Help:

Stella Cameron Writer's Bulletin Board -- Where Stella will gladly answer your questions!

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