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Browse our collection of conference workshops presented by some of the greatest romance authors of our time.  Learn about everything from synopsizing to characterizing.  If you're a member, you can get a copy of tape by requesting one at least one full day before the next meeting date from Darcy via email!

Audio Tape Archive

Here is the complete list of tapes Eastside Romance Writers have available for chapter members at the nominal fee of $1.00/per tape/per month. 

1.      Character & Period with Jo Beverley

2.      The Rules:  What You Need to Know Before You Sell Your First Book with Elizabeth Boyle

3.      Tracing the Timeline:  A Year-by-Year View of the Regency with Joann Ferguson & Allison Lane

4.      The Lure of Medieval London with Linda Abel & Suzanne Barclay

5.      Beyond the Traditional Regency with Katherine Greyle and Patricia Wynn

6.      Another Time, Another Place:  Using Description in Paranormal Romances with Marylyle Rogers & Ciji Ware

7.      Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  Promoting the Regency romance with Patricia Bray & April Khilstrom

8.      Handling Media Interviews with Chery Griffin

9.      Working with Publishers Weekly with Daisy Maryles & Robin Mays

10.  Belowstairs in the Servants Realm with Anne Barbour & Jeanne Savery

11.  Odds & Ends with Kristina Hughes

12.  The Ten Worst Mistakes I Made As a Beginning Author with Merline Lovelace

13.  From Regency to Regency Historical with Julia Quinn, Lynn Kerstan & Margaret Evans Porter

14.  Staying Organized Amidst the Chaos with Robin Lee Hatcher

15.  Heroes, Hardcases, and Hellions:  American Minorities & Women of the 19th Century with Georgina Gentry

16.  Plotting Part I with Jolie Kramer

17.  Plotting Part II with Jolie Kramer

18.  How to Take a Manuscript Apart and Put it Back Together:  Revisions & Rejections with Barbara Keiler

19.  Analyzing the Synopsis:  Inside an Editorís Mind with Leslie Wainger