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Here is where we celebrate our members and their achievements, from finishing a manuscript, to have a partial requested, to getting the elusive "call".

Bestseller! Jane Porter's ITALIAN GROOM was a Waldenbook's Series romance bestseller coming in at number 7. 

The call!!  Power of Love Publishing bought Johanna Asmi's first short contemporary romance.  WEDDING FEVER will be available May 2001.  The Australian Doubleday Club has already placed a pre-order on the book.

Dawn places first.  After a whirlwind of accolades during the past few months, Dawn Gothro is pleased to announce that her AMY'S ANGEL has placed FIRST in the Duel on the Delta contest!  Way to go Dawn, we knew it was coming!!!!

Lifetime Achievements.  Our very own Nadine Miller has been nominated for the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in Regency.  If you have read any of Nadine's books, you know why!  Good luck Nadine!

Agented.  Jesse Petersen is pleased to announce that her "great agent search" is over.  She will now be represented by Barbara Collins Rosenberg of The Rosenberg Group.  Peddling of her Regency era, GLORIOUS, should begin soon!

Another contest finalist! The ladies of the Eastside have really been racking up the contest wins and finals lately.  Laurie Schepper finaled in the Duel on the Delta contest!  Congratulations to Laurie!!

Cover girl, Part 2.  Melinda Rucker Haynes will also be interviewed for the May 9 edition of Writer's Digest which will talk about inspirational writers!

The EPPIES come 'round again.  Melinda Rucker Haynes' THE ETERNAL TRUST has finaled in the EPPIES.  This is her second year as a finalist!

Request.  Johanna has had not one, but two requests for partials from Harlequin lines  Good luck, Johanna!

Amy's Angel Flies... Dawn Gothro's AMY'S ANGEL has finaled or placed in all three contests she entered it in!  It finaled in Emerald City Opener (3rd place), Valentine's Over Vegas,  and Duel on the Delta.  The entry is currently sitting with Ballantine and St. Martin's for review.  Good luck, Dawn!

Requesting all partials... Sheryl Reibman Hoyt (or is it Sheryl Hoyt...?) has had several agents request partials of her last manuscript, FOREVER TRUE.  Good luck Sheryl!

Johanna shares good news.  Our very own treasurer, Johanna Asmi, has had several pieces of good news this past month.  Not only will a couple of her short stories be published in anthologies (see our Members page for more info), but one of her stories is being considered for an episode on a Canadian television program!  Way to go Johanna!

Two Keepers... We are pleased to announce that Darcy Carson's THE TROUBLE WITH MOTHER has won the Greater Seattle RWA Emerald City Keeper Contest in the ebook category!  Congratulations Darcy.  And Nadine Miller's THE BARBARIAN EARL, won for best Regency in the same contest.  The awards will be presented at the Seattle meeting November 16 at 7pm at the Downtown Bellevue Barnes and Noble.

The Unsinkable Deborah Anne Schneider. We are happy to announce that Debbie Schneider has WON the Unsinkable Heroine Award associated with the HODRW MOLLY contest!  Congratulations to Debbie and to her heroine, Sinclair Redford!

Our very own cover girl!  Melinda Rucker Haynes' novels GHOSTLY ACTS and THE HAUNTING OF JOSH WESTON (both available at Avid Press) are featured on the cover of the November issue of Writer's Digest Special Edition!  The edition is all about publishing success.

USA Today Bestseller!  Elizabeth Boyle's September release, NO MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE, debuted on the USA Today Bestseller list at #131! 

International Acclaim! Melinda Rucker Haynes' young adult thriller, Ghostly Acts, has been
nominated for the International Ebook Award.   Finalists will be announced October 2 and travel to Frankfurt, Germany where the winners will be announced at a gala by invitation only reception and ceremony. The award is sponsored by Microsoft and other industry leaders to recognize excellence in electronic published fiction and nonfiction which is judged by a panel of internationally recognized literary and publishing experts.

Romantic Times Review.  Melinda Rucker Haynes' THE ETERNAL TRUST has been rated four stars by Romantic Times.  It's available to buy at Hardshell Word Factory!

Emerald City Opener Finalist!  We are pleased to announce that Dawn Gothro has been named a finalist in the Emerald City Opener Contest!  Congratulations to Dawn and good luck!

Unsinkable!  Debbie Schneider's heroine, Sinclair Redford, has been chosen as a finalist in the Heart of Denver Romance Writer's Unsinkable Heroine Award, a portion of their Molly contest.  Congratulations Debbie!

Romantic Times Top Pick!  Elizabeth Boyle's new release, NO MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE has been selected as a Top Pick by Romantic Times and was given a four and half star rating!

We have a winner!  Melinda Rucker Haynes placed the the PRISM 2000 Contest for Published Authors hosted by the Futuristic, Fantasy & Paranormal Special Interest Chapter of RWA!  She took third place in the Light Paranormal Category for her book GHOSTLY ACTS.  Congratulations to Melinda!!!!

Two First Round Finalists! Debbie Schneider and Jesse Petersen have both made it past the first round of judging for Heart of Denver RWA Chapter's Molly Contest.  The next round of judges are published authors and the final round are acquisitions editors.  The two are in the same critique group and convinced each other to enter!

Another Hit for Darcy!  Darcy Carson's interviews have been featured at Tip World.

Romantic Times Conference.  Our very own Darcy Carson will be very busy at the RT conference in Houston this year!  Not only will she be on at least one panel (Promotions), but she'll be doing a presentation on Myths and Legends of Gemstones.  She'll also be interviewing Kathryn Falk! 

Contest Winner! Darcy Carson's THE TROUBLE WITH MOTHER has just won second place in the Favorite Romantic Comedy contest on Read Romance!

Doubleday Book Club Selection! Elizabeth Boyle's upcoming September release from Avon, NO MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE, has been picked up by the Doubleday Book Club and their new romance book club, Rhapsody, as alternative selections for upcoming issues.

EPPIE finalist! Melinda Rucker Haynes' GHOSTLY ACTS  is a finalist for the EPIC (Electronically Published Internet Connection) "Eppie" award in the Best Young Adult E-book category!

Third Book bought!  Jane Porter is pleased to announce that Mills and Boon has picked up her third book, THE SHEIKH'S BRIDE!  It will be a Fall 2001 release in the UK, December 2001, US release!  Congratulations to Jane!  This has been a heck of a year for her!

Prism 2000 Finalist!  The Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal Special Interest Chapter has just announced the finalists in its published author contest PRISM.  Our very own Melinda Rucker Haynes finaled in the Light Paranormal division with her book GHOSTLY ACTS.  Congratulations Melinda!!

Romantic Times Nomination!  Elizabeth Boyle has found out that her book, BRAZEN TEMPTRESS, has been nominated as Best Regency Historical by Romantic Times!  Congratulations Elizabeth!

Golden Heart Finalist!  Jane Porter, who recently got her first contract with Presents, has finaled in the Short Contemporary division with her book PRODIGAL DAUGHTER.  This is the same manuscript that was recently purchased and will be released under the title, THE ITALIAN GROOM.  Congratulations to Jane!!!!