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Deborah Schneider

Deborah Schneider was born to read, and her stories entertained her long before she discovered television.  Growing up on her grandparent's farm in upstate New York, the fields became an imaginary kingdom she explored with her cousins.

Convinced knowledge was the key to success, Deborah became a teacher and spent more than twenty years working with children.  Along the way she wrote children's stories, poetry, essays and even had a newspaper column.  She started writing romance novels over nine years ago, and sold her first book, a Western romantic comedy, in November of 2001.

Finally, one year ago she obtained her dream job as the Public Programming Coordinator for the King County Library System.  Now she gets to spend her days arranging for authors, poets, musicians and artists to visit libraries around the county.  

Deborah lives in North Bend with her handsome "love at first sight" husband and three nearly perfect children.

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BENEATH A SILVER MOON, (September 2002) Dorchester

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