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The Benefits of National Membership

You can't join Eastside RWA until you become a member of Romance Writers of America, national. Why? Well, the answer is complicated. RWA has its home base in Texas, and the incorporation and not-for-profit laws in that state require it for one. Another has to do with its federal tax status. So, why should you join National RWA? Here are just a few of the benefits you'll reap when you join:

1. Joining the local chapter. That's the biggie! Eastside RWA is a great group of writers who are always willing to help and share.

2. Romance Writers Report. Each month you'll receive a copy of the RWR, which reports on the status of the industry, the organization, and the members. It's a good resource for articles about craft and industry, as well as a place to find out about contests and updates to the ever-changing world of publishers.

3. RWA-Links. These are email lists where RWA members can talk about a variety of topics. The list subjects are :

Alert: Where RWA makes official announcements
RWA: Where contests and general RWA info are discussed
Craft: Where the how of romance writing is dissected.
Industry: Lots of good info here on publishing, agents, etc.
IndustryNONTRAD: For those interested in less obvious routes of publication/promotion.
Research: If you need to know something, *anything*, the ladies and gentlemen here can probably help.
Technology: It's a whole new world, authors talk about it, and how to survive in it, here.
Other: For everything else, including intros and happy announcements!

Anyone who is a member of RWA National can join these list. More info can be found on the RWA National page under the topic "RWAlink and PANlink"

4. E-notes.  Members can sign up to receive a semi-monthly electronic newsletter providing up-to-date information on romance issues, market changes, craft articles, and more!

5. Lists of recognized publishers and agents. Although the recognize publishers have been a bone of contention as of late, this is still a good guide to show who is out there. The agent list is also helpful. National also keeps a record of all complaints it receives against agents and publishers, even unrecognized ones. The complaints are available to the membership via email.

6. The National Conference. Choose from over 100 workshops, buy books, hobnob with other authors, and meet with agents and publishers, all in a week!  Next year's conference is July 17-20, 2002 in Denver, Colorado.

7. The Golden Heart/RITA. The two national contests, one for unpublished authors, one for published.

8. Contract Reviews. RWR presented a series of articles where a lawyer reviewed the contracts for the major publishers. These are still available online.

9. Genre information. Everyone can get confused sometimes about what's what. Find out what category you're really writing under.

10. Health and Life Insurance.  A benefit package offered through the National Writer's Union (annual fee required) is available to all RWA members residing in the U.S.  It includes dental, medical, vision, and term life insurance.

11. Support, support, support! Where else can you meet 8000+ other romance writers from all over the world?

So, go on over to the RWA site and join today!

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