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Johanna Asmi

The first romance Johanna read was Anne Matherís The Arrogant Duke.  She was eleven years old at the time and didnít realize the consequences of reading romances at the parochial school she was attending.  The book was promptly confiscated, but Johannaís interest in romance books was just beginning.  She was intrigued by stories that showed heroines as active participants and not as victims.  She also found the heroines compelling because they fought for and achieved their goals.

Despite the consistent book banning from a variety of authority figures, Johanna continuing reading and hiding romances.  She could be found at the public library on Saturdays in a forgotten corner with her nose buried in the donated paperbacks.  Somewhere between her preadolescent and teen years, Johanna decided she wanted to become a romance writer.  After graduating from college with an English degree and working in the corporate world, Johanna spent her free time forging a writing career in womenís fiction.  She did not publish her first short story until March 1999.  Since then, her work has appeared in magazines, webzines and anthologies.

Coming Soon:

HERS TO COMMAND (Novella w/a Jenesi Ash)


ROYAL RUMORS (March 2000 w/a Jenshi Ash)
"A Romp in the Snow" in the Northern Hearts Anthology (w/a Jaya Arnett)

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