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Jane Porter

 A native Californian, and a freelance writer with an MA in Writing, it took Jane only twelve years of submitting to Harlequin and Silhouette before getting her first sale to HM&B Presents in January 2000. 

Jane attributes her ‘overnight success’ to moving to Bellevue in 1996 and joining Romance Writers of America.  Through RWA she honed her writing skills, learned the market, and discovered terrific mentors willing to teach and share the craft.  Winning the Golden Heart in 1998 for Best Long Contemporary Series Romance finally brought Jane to the attention of top Harlequin and Silhouette editors, resulting in her new Harlequin contract. 

Jane encourages unpublished writers to use contests to get feedback, find a career partner to grow with, and keep the market in mind when writing.  She also firmly believes that those who want to succeed, will. 

Coming Soon:

THE ITALIAN GROOM, December 2000 (UK) & March 2001 (US)

  June 2001 (UK) & October 2001 (US)
THE SHEIKH'S WIFE,  September 2001 (UK) & January or February 2002 (US)
IN DANTE'S DEBT, January 2002 (UK) & TBA (US)

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