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Here is where we celebrate our members and their achievements, from finishing a manuscript, to having a partial requested, to getting the elusive "call"...  If you are a member of Eastside RWA, please send an email to the webmistress whenever something wonderful happens to you!

Rita finalist!!  Nadine Miller's 2002 release, KISSING COUSINS, is also a Rita finalist!  Wow!!!  Two Ritas in our group!!  We are so excited for you, Jane and Nadine!! (03/03)
Rita Finalist!!  Jane Porter's Jan '03 release, LAZARO'S REVENGE, is a 2002 Rita finalist!! (03/03)
Partials Requested!!  Erin Eisenberg and Barb Roberts BOTH had partials requested by Harlequin at the Sleepless in Silverdale conference.  Way to go, guys!!!  (2/03)
USA Today Bestseller!  Elizabeth Boyle's ONE NIGHT OF PASSION, a July 2002 release, has hit the USA Today list at #104.  We are so excited for you, Elizabeth!  (7/02)
Second Printing!  Melinda Rucker Haynes' THE ETERNAL TRUST has gone into second printing!  Even better, it happened before the books were even in stores!  Way to go, Melinda!  (7/02)
RT Review!  Elizabeth Boyle's new book ONE NIGHT OF PASSION, out in July, received a 4 and 1/2 star rating from Romantic Times Magazine!  We can't wait to read it ourselves!  Congratulations, Elizabeth!  (6/02)
Review!  Pat Pritchard's book LUCK OF THE DRAW was recently reviewed in the Mukilteo Beacon!  To read it, go to  Congratulations, Pat!  (6/02)
Contest Finalist!  Jane Porter's CHRISTOS'S PROMISE has finaled in the Short Contemporary category of the Greater Detroit chapter's "Bookseller's Best Award" contest!  The winner will be announced at the National conference.  Good luck, Jane!  (6/02)
Finished MS!  Karen Hugh and Dori Lucero both recently announced that they've finished their manuscripts.  Way to go, Ladies!  You've accomplished a big step!  (5/02)
Full Request!  DeeAnna Galbraith had the honor of a full request from Harlequin Super.  Good luck, DeeAnna!  (5/02)
PW Review!  Publisher's Weekly did a glowing review of Melinda Rucker Haynes' THE ETERNAL TRUST.  To read it, check out the May 20th issue.  Congratulations, Melinda!  (5/02)
RT Article!  Deborah Schneider was asked to write an article for Romantic Times Magazine about storytelling festivals for the August issue.  Her book comes out in September so the timing is perfect.  Good job, Deborah!  (5/02)
Agent!  Jesse Peterson got a call from her first pick agent asking to represent her!  Congratulations, Jesse!  (5/02)
Request for Full!  Jesse Petersen received a request for a full manuscript from editor Melissa Endlich of Harlequin Historicals for her book HEART OF A WOLF.  Way to go, and good luck!  (4/02)
Website feature!  Deborah Schneider's September 2002 release, BENEATH A SILVER MOON, is currently being featured on Dorchester's web site as part of their contest promotion.  What a great way to get some free advertising!  (4/02)
Netherlands Sale!  A foreign edition of Pat Pritchard's American West historical, YANKEE WIFE, recently sold in The Netherlands!  That's so exciting, Pat!  Way to go!  (4/02)
RITA Finalist!  Janice Johnson is a RITA finalist in the category of long contemporary for her book THE WORLD OF A CHILD.  This is her fourth RITA nomination.  Congratulations, Janice!  (4/02)
Another RITA Finalist!  Our own Jane Porter is a RITA finalist in the short contemporary category for her book IN DANTE'S DEBT!  We're rooting for you, Jane!  (4/02)
Library Copies!  Pat Pritchard recently received notice that the King County Library System will be buying ten copies of LUCK OF THE DRAW, her March release, and they plan to purchase her August release as well!  Great job on marketing, Pat!  (4/02)
RT Award Nominee!  Elizabeth Boyle's last book, ONCE TEMPTED, has been nominated for a Romantic Times award for Best Historical Romantic Adventure!  We're rooting for you, Elizabeth!  (3/02)
Contest Finalist!  Susanna Carr's short contemporary, THE WRONG BRIDE, was chosen as one of five finalists for the Colorado Romance Writers' Award of Excellence.  The winner will be announced in May.  Good luck, Susanna!  (3/02)
RT Top Pick!  Nadine Miller's regency romance, KISSING COUSINS, received a 4 1/2 Top Pick from Romantic Times!  KISSING COUSINS will hit the shelves in April.  Don't miss it!  (3/02)
Request for Full!  Jesse Petersen received a request for a full from Pocket for her manuscript HER SILENT HEART!  Good luck, Jesse!  (3/02)
Russian Release!  Adrianne Lee recently received a copy of her hard cover anthology, NAUGHTY NAUGHTY, released in Russia.  The anthology was released in the US by St. Martin's Press a year ago and also features stories by Susan Johnson, Leandra Logan, and Anne Marie Winston.  (3/02)
Good for her, sad for us.  Jesse Petersen announced that she will be moving out of state because of her husband's job transfer.  Jesse has had a huge positive impact on our chapter and will be sorely missed.  Keep in touch, Jesse.  We'll be first in line when you become published!  (2/02)
Full Request!  Dawn Gothro received a request for a full manuscript from an agent!  Way to go!  (2/02)
UK Release and Honors!  Jane Porter's IN DANTE'S DEBT was released in February in the UK.  It also hit UK's Booktrack Hot 100 Index at #79!  IN DANTE'S DEBT will be released in March in Australia and January 2003 in the US.  Congratulations Jane!  We look forward to reading it!  (2/02)
Radio Show!  Darcy Carson recently received a call from a producer asking if she'd be willing to put her Romance Review show on live radio.  This is the same as the Internet show she did in the past where she interviewed romance authors.  Keep us posted Darcy!  (2/02)
Two Partial Requests!  DeeAnna Galbraith got a partial request from St. Martin's Press only three weeks after sending her query!  She also got a partial request from Harlequin Superromance only five weeks after sending her query!  Good luck DeeAnna!  (2/02)
Great Review!  Susanna Carr received her first review for THE WRONG BRIDE from  It was positively glowing!  Congratulations, Susanna!  (1/02)
Hardcover!  Five Star Original Romance will be releasing Melinda Rucker Haynes's paranormal, THE ETERNAL TRUST, as a hardcover in June 2002 as a second lead title .  Way to go, Melinda!  (1/02)
Moving into the Japanese Market!  Jane Porter has announced that Harlequin Japan will be featuring her in their April newsletter and publishing her first three books for three consecutive months.  For those who have never seen them, in Japan Harlequins are issued as 'comic books'.  We dying to see them, Jane!  Congratulations!  (1/02)

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